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Heal the Father, Heal the Kids.

The dual challenges of being a father and navigating a divorce taught me very powerful lessons and tested me to the core.

Divorce, literally, has dangerous consequences on men’s emotional and physical health.

It can literally take years off our lives.

And that time is time lost with our precious children, who are also hurting through divorce.

Kids need their Dads.

The True Hero Dad Program helps men heal, rebuild, and thrive so they can become the positive fathers their kids need now.

The Truth About Men & Divorce

Through my own experience and my research, I’ve learned that most people don’t typically talk about how men suffer after divorce. 

That pain is almost taboo.

Thus, millions of men suffer alone.

Our culture has created stereotypes about men which are far from true.

The fact is, just like everyone else caught in the trauma of a family break-up, men do hurt.  

Men mourn a family break up very differently from women.

And men care deeply about their kids. 

Sadly, most separated and divorced men end up neglecting their emotional and physical health.

  • Men tend to become isolated. They lose friends and have a rough time making new ones. They think they can go it alone, as they’re been raised to be “tough.”  But social isolation actually does more harm than good. (Research shows it can be as harmful as smoking!)
  • Men go through a debilitating period of shame, grief, disappointment, low-self esteem, and guilt. Unfortunately, many men translate these emotions into anger. Of course, we know anger contributes to chronic stress, anxiety, and even depression - not to mention the harm it causes in all of our relationships.
  • Men’s physical health suffers greatly. They experience weight gain,  higher blood pressure, disturbed sleeping habits, and chronic stress.
  • Studies show that after divorce men suffer higher rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, depression, substance abuse, and even suicide. Divorce, literally, takes 10-15 years off the lives of our brothers, fathers, sons, and friends.

Heal the Men, Heal the Kids

My conclusion is that men need help.

And when we help men heal faster, we will make an exponential impact.

When we help men heal and rebuild faster, we also help the kids who desperately need them now.

We also help the parents who worry for them. We help the sisters and brothers who love them. We help the ex-wives who want to heal and rebuild their lives.

We help their friends, neighbors, colleagues who miss them and want to see these men happy again.

Divorce affects everyone. 

This is why I'm dedicated to helping men and families heal and recover better than ever.

For me, one simple fact makes it incredibly urgent:

While men are struggling to cope,


Children of divorce are deeply affected by the experience.

Indeed, the kids of divorce are still facing the challenges that all kids face in our society: schoolwork, peer pressure, changing bodies and hormones, new relationship challenges, and finding their purpose in life.

Except our children have to face these challenges without the full presence of their Dad.

When men are stuck in the emotional roller coaster trying to cope with divorce, they are emotionally absent from their kids' lives.

As they suffer the harmful health effects of divorce, they are also physically absent from their kids’ lives.

That's the urgency at the heart of our mission:

To help Dads feel better so they can be the great positive fathers that their kids need now.

In the True Hero Dads Program, fathers learn to: 

  • Manage their emotions more effectively
  • Get motivated to take daily action and actively rebuild their lives
  • Get focused and stay on track 
  • Create new relationships that are supportive and uplifting.
  • Reduce stress across their lives
  • Feel healthier, energized, and more positive
  • Harness their skills, their attention, and their energy to build a life aligned with their values and dreams
  • Play, laugh, and bring more joy into their lives
  • Strengthen their bonds and share their love for their kids
  • Become a True Hero Dad

My Kids Inspire My Action

Yes, especially during a divorce, the kids still urgently need the guidance and love of their Daddy.

I know because I have two teen daughters and a 9 year old boy.

I’ve seen them cry for help and feel confused, abandoned, and deeply saddened through the process of my divorce.

They became my inspiration:

  • to work intentionally and methodically through my healing,
  • to stay active in my recovery,
  • to come out positive and stronger than ever - so I could lift them up and support them with all of my love, and
  • to ask for help.
  • ultimately to invest financially and emotionally into a group of trusted men to help provide the tools, resources and accountability that I desperately needed.

I am proud to say that we making it. I feel better than ever.

And they are flourishing.

With 50-50 co-parenting, both my ex-wife and I have stayed very much involved and engaged in their lives.

They do have their Dad to help them cope, grow, and thrive.

We have been sharing both the challenges and precious moments together.

I also know that the divorce has long term impacts that linger for a lifetime, so, each day, I re-commit to take care of myself  ---

so I can take care of them!

A Winning Team:

Skills + Teamwork + Expert Coaching

The tools that I use in my own personal life and in my professional practice have helped make all this possible.

I developed a comprehensive set of wellness skills to help me push through and come out strong.

The system includes mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating, gratitude, mentoring, positive connections, regular exercise, and lots and lots of playful moments and sharing with my kids.

But the most important element in my personal transformation to become a True Hero Dad has been my team.

The support that I received when I asked for help made all the difference.

I invested in a team of coaches, therapists, spiritual guides, and healers. It’s essential.

Nobody can do it alone. Everyone needs to invest in a team.

I spent many years, as we all have,  trying to be a successful man all on my own, to be a lone ranger, of sorts.  I didn't need, or want, anyone in my stuff!

But the stakes are too high now.  I realized early on in this transition that I needed help!

All successful athletes and business leaders thrive because they have teammates and mentor.

And, this is why created a powerful team at True Hero Dad  - to help men who are healing and who want to thrive again.

The tools and strategies I’ve shared with my clients have helped them achieve great results.

But the single most valuable service I’ve been able to offer my clients has been my mentorship and coaching. My presence.

The connection and support I provide is always at the heart of my client’s success.

Now, I’m so happy to share these systems and offer these results in the True Hero Dad Program.

In addition to teaching a specific strategy and the skills that lead to a flourishing life, the program includes a support team like no other. 

Our expert team of MENtors has over 120 years of combined experience in the fields of personal growth, health & wellness, and optimal living.

Our team of MENtors have also all been divorced. They get it. They share the pain and the turn-around successes that help men recover, rebuild, and thrive.

With weekly coaching calls, our True Hero Dad MENtors offer essential and exceptional support.

For the Men You Love

Share this with all of the men in your life who are hurting through divorce.

This may be the most important message they get from you in a long time.

The True Hero Dad Training Program is effective and private.

Our clients learn step-by-step strategies to break free from the emotional roller coaster and create a life that's aligned with the best version of themselves.

Our team supports them and ensures that the transformation is sustained.

We have a limited number of appointments available through August to speak with fathers who are ready to take control of their lives and take action now. 

To make an appointment to speak with us about the True Hero Dad program, simply follow this link to schedule a call before August 31st, 2017.


You can help the men you love become the great positive role models and loving fathers their kids need now.

Much, much gratitude to YOU, for sharing your journey with me.

Thank you for helping me on this important mission to help men and their kids to heal, rebuild, and thrive.  

Founder & President,
True Hero Dad Training Program


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